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Hot Rods, Mini Jeeps or Merry-go-round for Corporate Events, Festivals or Private Parties

Kids Cars & Merry-Go-Round

Kid's Ride On Cars, Hot Rods, Mini Jeeps & Merry-Go-Round for Corporate Events, Festivals or Private Parties
Our kids’ ride on cars, hot rods and mini jeeps, and our merry-go-round are registered amusement devices: mechanically powered units used for rider entertainment. As such, they must each have a Certificate of Registration and the Certifiers – Trailblazers – carry full responsibility for the safe maintenance and operation of each device. What that means is that one of our trained, registered operators is required to be on-site during the hire period and that only our team can operate the registered amusement devices.

Not a problem! More time for you to have fun with your family and friends. Sit back, enjoy and let us do the work! We arrive, set up and operate all the equipment, leaving you to have fun. What could be easier for you?

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Book your registered amusement
device from Trailblazers Northland

Call us on 0800 FUNTIME (0800 3868463) and we will help you to choose the right fun device for your event to suit the number and age of funseekers.

If you are unsure of anything either before or during the hire, please call us.


Our Registered Amusement Device Arrive At Your Event And Set Up By Our Trained, Certified Operators

The Trailblazers team arrive at your event. We set up the registered amusement device well before your event start, as discussed. Our merry-go-round will need to be set up on a level, grassed, concrete or wooden surface within 30 metres of an electricity supply. The required space is 10 x 10 metres.

We will need at least 20 x 20 metres of space for our mini hot rod circuit and for our mini jeeps.

If necessary, we can supply our own generators, but access to a power supply is much preferred.

View Safety Rules

  • No water on or around the registered amusement devices
  • No food or drink on the registered amusement devices
  • No smoking on the registered amusement devices
  • No animals on the registered amusement devices
  • Remove all sharp objects from your pockets
  • Do not tie or fix objects to the registered amusement devices
  • Follow the instructions of our operators


We’ve tried to cover the most frequently asked questions below. However, if you have a query that is not answered below, feel free to call us on 0800 386 8463.

How many cars can we get?

We have 5 mini hot rods and 3 mini jeeps. Each set of vehicles operates within a safety fence has its own track system. If you want both jeeps and hot rods for large events, we can supply all eight vehicles. We generally run 4-5 cars on a track at any one time, depending on the ability of the children (drivers).

How do the cars work?

The mini hot rods and mini jeeps are petrol-driven cars, managed within an inflatable safety air-fence circuit. The vehicles can take 2 passengers and are operated by the driver with the option of a passenger to assist if necessary, but just so you know, we are able to shut down all cars at once by remote control, should we ever need to! All the mini vehicles we use are OSH approved and safety tested.

How old do the drivers need to be?

Our mini hot rods and jeeps can be safely driven by anyone 5 years and over and as you already know, we supply full instruction at all times.

What is your merry-go-round like?

Our merry-go-round is a gorgeous, classic 1950s style the kids love. It is suited for younger children. There are 8 seats on the merry-go–round safe for babies and small children.

View the merry-go-round here

Can we hire your cars, jeep and merry-go-round by the hour?

No, we don’t do hourly hires; one hour of fun is nowhere near enough! All prices are for a full day hire (no half day), based on 5 hours minimum which gives you more fun time! Our prices are inclusive of GST and include delivery to most Northland locations. The rental fee can either be paid in advance by cheque or electronic transfer or paid to the installer on the day of your party.

We are a trust, charity or school organising a fundraiser or festival. Can you help us?

You bet! This is the sort of event we are really good at and we have a number of pricing options for you to consider and which to suit different event types. We can organise outright hires, percentage based hires and once off site fees. Contact us now on 0800 386 8463 to see how we can work with you to make your event work for you.

Flat Rate Fee:  Your organisation pays a fixed sum to Trailblazers to provide and operate equipment. Your organisation receives100% sales proceeds from the event.

Fixed Site Fee: Trailblazers provides and operates equipment. Trailblazers collects 100% sales proceeds from the event and pays your organisation an agreed fixed sum (site fee). This method is most common for public events such as A&P Shows.

Commission:  Trailblazers provides and operates equipment and Trailblazers shares an agreed percentage of sales proceeds from the event with your organisation:
20% gross sales to your organisation
80% to Trailblazers Northland

If you run a public event for us, how much do the rides cost?

Merry-go-round: a suggested ticket price of $4.00 to $5.00 per child.

The mini hot rods and jeeps: $5 per child with passenger free. Rides are 3-4 minutes in duration (at peak demand) providing enjoyment for a large number of participants throughout the duration of your event.

Inflatable bouncy castles and slides: Suggested ticket price of $5 per child for an “All Day Pass” so children can come and go throughout the day. The price per child may vary to suit the event style. The inflatable equipment would be split into two age groups and each child gets a coloured wristband.

What happens if it rains?

In the event of adverse weather, you may decide to defer or cancel your booking by giving Trailblazers no less than 48 hours’ notice prior to your booking date.

Weather conditions can vary throughout the day, so if weather does worsen during your event preventing you from enjoying the bouncy castles, there will be no refund. Call us on 0800 386 8463 to discuss any changes.

Do you have insurance?

We are fully insured and a copy of our public liability policy is available on request. All our ride, inflatable and hireage equipment is engineer certified and certified.

We’re serious about safety and we pay attention to the details such as easily identifiable staff uniforms, crowd control fencing, regularly certified electrical testing and tagging and clearly visible safety signage. We work to keep you safe and happy.

Do I get a receipt?

An invoice and GST receipt will be given to you once payment has been made either online or on the day of delivery.

What happens if we cancel?

If you cancel 48 hours before the function, there will be no cancellation fee. However, if you think your plans may be changing, please call us to let us know.

Want More Ideas?

Call 0800 FUNTIME (0800 3868463) or 021-2867109
and Trailblazers will help you to choose the right fun devices
for your party, gala, festival or corporate event depending on the number and age of your funseekers.

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